Fake News

I’ve been trying not to write about or mention the Trumpster since he became president, but you know, I live in this crazy world like the rest of you and now I’ve failed. The reason[…]

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Central Park Bethesda Underpass

Bethesda Passage Vintage

The underpass by the Bethesda fountain in Central Park. Photographed with a 4 x 5 large format view camera. Bethesda Arcade. I used the 4 x 5 camera for about a year before the labor[…]

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Early Lessons

We lived in a roach infested apartment on University Avenue, near what we called “The Projects” as if there were only on projects.  I was about ten years old.  Maybe younger.  And was home in[…]

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Apollo Theater

Had an assignment to get the marquee of the Apollo Monday night.  It was the first little thing I took on since I got sick with the Colitis/Crohn’s syndrome again, maybe a year ago.  I[…]

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Little Mysteries

The city is always filled with little mysteries.  Just about anywhere you look, you can find wonderful and sometimes odd puzzles. At first this looks like a company or guy named Rick went around the[…]

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Today and the last two years

Cross to bear Filed Away Street Shot Bottled water — the Wall Street area. Early ’90s.   Blizzard Crossing. Old man with walker crossing 86th street in middle of a blizzard. ca. 2005. From 35mm[…]

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baby kiss new york subway

Baby Kiss on Subway

This picture became more interesting to me when I noticed the woman had a plant she was holding, the kiss was the main reason, and then the yawn.  The baby is giving me the best[…]

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History and Photographs

Pictures sometimes take on a new context – as the external world changes around them. In fact, what were once snapshots, given enough time, become archival material. Clues to our past. Well, anyway, one the[…]

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Halloween Self Portrait

Reflections in a Golden Eye

I don’t remember anything about the movie reflections in a golden eye, but dimly, figures come forth.  Liz Taylor playing a not very nice role. And Marlon Brando playing some sort of perverted soldier.  It[…]

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Subway Couple

Love on the 6 Train

A pretty awful title, I think.  But a terribly sweet moment.  Now that the “blog” is starting to come together again, I suppose I should start posting in it again.  But I’m not in the[…]

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News Withdrawal

I cut the cable plug (yet again) because the only two channels I got it for SNY (Mets) and some important news channels.  I wanted to know the instant that the latest corrupt official had[…]

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Turtle Pond Central Park

Turtle Pond in Smoke

The smoke is from revolutionary war type canons being fired off towards Turtle Pond.  It looks like a Japanese watercolor. The mist, is actually the result of a lot of cannon smoke from a Fourth[…]

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MoMA Exhibit

MoMA Multiverse

  Yes, it’s a weakness of mine.  I don’t much like looking at photographs in a museum.  Never have.  I find the onlookers way more interesting.  I don’t feel the same about paintings.  I love[…]

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Public Enemy

To those who say it doesn’t make a difference which party you vote for – you were wrong.  Can you admit that? I didn’t think so. For those who voted for third party candidates. You[…]

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